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FLU VACCINES are here! Please call our office to schedule your flu vaccine today!

The medical providers at Arvada Pediatrics support COVID-19 vaccination of our eligible patients as soon as the vaccine becomes available for their age group.

Please note that we continue to require face coverings for all visitors to our clinic over the age of 2 years, regardless of vaccination status.

COVID-19 Updates


8/20/21: Arvada Pediatrics supports the recent recommendatons made by the CDC, AAP, and CDPHE regarding the importance of returning to in-person learning while keeping our kids as safe as possible, which includes wearing masks in most indoor settings for those over the age of 2 years to help prevent spread of COVID-19. Please note that true medical exemptions to wearing a mask are quite rare; for example, having significant physical or developmental issues that make it impossible to remove a face covering by themselves. Please see the links below for further information and discussion from our colleagues at Children's Hospital Colorado and the American Academy of Pediatrics:


Rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 is now available at Arvada Pediatrics for our patients, in addition to send-out PCR testing. One or both tests may be recommended depending on symptoms. Please schedule an appointment with one of our providers to discuss your best screening option. (Visit copays may apply per your insurance plan. Please be sure to check your benefits and out-of-pocket costs prior to scheduling).

Children's Hospital Colorado has now opened an online portal to register for a vaccine appointment for all eligible Coloradans ages 16+ years at

Virtual Visits now available!

Important Scheduling and Check In Procedure Changes Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Letter To Our Patients and Information about COVID-19

COVID-19 Daily Symptom Screen for Back-to-School/Work/Daycare

Current Disinfection/Safety Practices for COVID-19

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